The box for youngsters

Follow the Yellow Trail to the lake starting at the BIG ROCK (not the parking lot). Look for the six-legged creatures. At the fourth one,  you will find the box at the foot of the really big tree, slightly to the left of it.

The box for older kids and adults

What do all three of these clues have in common? 
a) "Military" Dave Matthews song
b) Award winning movie set at a French penal colony; also a dog breed
​c) Former Queen City hoops team

Solve the riddle, then hit the trail.
Follow the Red Trail loop clockwise. Find three (answer to the above) along the way. Turn left at the third (answer to the above ) and you will find the box.

Please stay on the trails! There is no need to wander off trail to find any of the clues or boxes. 

There are two boxes hidden at Birch Rocks Sanctuary. The first is designed for younger kids. The clues are visual and the hike to find the box is about 3/4 of a mile. The second box is designed for older kids and adults. The clues are challenging, the hike is longer, and the box is a little harder to spot. 

     If you are new to letterboxing you may want to visit the Letterboxing North America website ( Here you will find a nice explanation about how letterboxing works, its history, and a listing of boxes hidden all over the USA. Please note our boxes do not have stamp pads, so you will need to have your own. 
     Letterboxing is new to BOSLI and we welcome your comments and feedback.  Were the clues too hard? Too easy? Are the boxes intact, missing, or too hard to locate? Please use the contact form on the Contact Us page to send your thoughts. 

Birch Rocks Sanctuary is open to the public from sunup to sundown all year round. You are welcome to search for boxes whenever the park is open.