BOSLI's Board of Directors

Lou Memoli, President

Kathy Wandelmaier, Vice-President

Bruce Wandelmaier, Treasurer

Marcia Wilkins, Secretary

Liz deLambert

Jeffrey Le Java

John Miller


Our Mission

BOSLI was founded in 1965. The mission of Brookfield Open Space Legacy, Inc. is to ensure the residents of Brookfield benefit from open spaces reserved from residential or commercial development.


P.O. Box 5316

Brookfield, CT



BOSLI is a member of the Connecticut Land Conservation Council, an umbrella organization that provides education and training to member organizations.

What are the benefits of open space?

Open space provides quality of life, environmental and economic benefits to communities that include open space preservation in their growth plans. The Land Trust Alliance and the Connecticut Land Conservation Council websites have links to state and national studies on this topic. To browse a lists of studies compiled by the Land Trust Alliance  click LTA.

To download a list of studies compiled by the CLCC click the download button.