Our Mission

  • ​To be responsible stewards of the properties entrusted to us
  • To sustain healthy wildlife habitats and conserve natural resources
  • To provide safe public access to open space for passive recreation

BOSLI's Board of Directors

President: Lou Memoli
Vice-President: Kathy Wandelmaier
Treasurer: Bruce Wandelmaier
Secretary: Marcia Wilkins
Elizabeth de Lambert
Jeffrey LeJava
John Miller
Stephen Wurst

Brookfield Open Space Legacy, Inc. is a land trust that was established in 1965 by six forward thinking Brookfield residents. Land trusts own property or hold easements for conservation purposes. 

BOSLI owns seven properties totaling 184 acres. All were donated by individuals who wanted to ensure that their land would be protected from development in perpetuity. BOSLI's job is to act as caretaker of the donated properties. 

BOSLI is managed by an all-volunteer board of directors with assistance from many individual volunteers. Financial support is provided by membership fees and fundraising events.

Please visit the MEMBERSHIP page to become a supporting member.