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  • Membership Drive
  • Letterboxing
  • Discover the Red Trail

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Trails Day 2017 June 3 & 4

Open space is our legacy.  How do you define open space?



How do we define open space? Trees, water, rocks. Birds and bugs. Maybe a coyote or two. Trails, bridges, benches. A few signs. No buildings. ​Not a ball field,  golf course, or a cemetery. No lawns. 

Many thanks are due to the kids and parents who worked on the Birch Rocks Red Trail on April 22. Boy Scouts from Brookfield Troop 135 and members of the Congregational Church of Brookfield's Junior Youth Fellowship toiled for two and a half hours, some of it in the rain, to clear and re-route parts of the  Red Trail. Tree limbs have been cut and the trail has been blazed to re-mark trees that have fallen. The Red Trail is still a "rougher" hike than the Yellow Trail. Improvements will be made this summer to make crossing the brook and the wetter areas easier. 

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